My very first skydive.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Big doings...and a return to blogging!

After writing a huge thesis for my Master's degree, I had to take a break from writing altogether. But I've been getting the itch to return to this blog and seeing if I can be more disciplined about updating it, because I really do enjoy it.

In celebration of my return, I am have a couple of happy announcements! The first is that I have committed to running the 2012 Marine Corps Marathon as part of the TAPS Run and Remember team. TAPS is an organization that supports families who have lost loved ones who died while serving in the military. While they did good things for me after Bryon died, I think one of their greatest contributions is to the young children who have lost a parent. They host Grief Camps and seminars to give these kids a chance to heal and meet others going through a similar experience. It's a unique loss, and they do an amazing job at helping them work through their grief and have fun. Yes, you can do both of those things at the same time! I am proud to support them, and I hope you will consider sponsoring me.Click here to donate!

I also signed up for the Leaf Peepers Half Marathon here in Vermont. It's the first weekend in October and when I finish I am headed straight to the drop zone to skydive with my brother-in-law.

For those of you who know me right now, you might be wondering how someone in my ...ahem...condition is going to pull this off in three months. No, I am not pregnant-by "condition" I meant, um, chubby. There are three things that will make this possible.

First, I am giving up alcohol and sweets until after the half marathon. It's a true sacrifice on my part, trust me, but an obvious way to make sure my body is balanced and well fueled. Don't worry, as soon as I land on the ground after that skydive, I am tossing back a Guinness.

Secondly, I'm not worrying about my finishing times. I'll be disciplined about training, I'll push myself hard, but I'm not setting up unrealistic expectations. I am going to have fun being a runner again. Because after the Marine Corps Marathon, there is always the possibility of more races and I will be in great shape to train for them. The marathon isn't the end of the journey it's just somewhere in the middle so if it takes me 6 hours, then it takes me 6 hours.

And lastly, I am embracing wabi-sabi. My friend Janice taught me this word. I love it. It is a Japanese aesthetic concept, but when applied to a life philosophy it essentially means that there is perfection in imperfection.

And I am soooooo wabi-sabi. (So are you!)

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  1. These are all great plans! I don't agree with the drinking part, but I will still talk to you. :)